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We love t-shirts. Always have. Always will. T-shirts can be a way for people to know something deep and personal about you without you having to say a single word. The t-shirt can say it all for you. A t-shirt can also be a litmus test. It can say, “If you don’t like this band then you don’t need to talk to me.” Or a t-shirt can say, “If you know where this obscure reference comes from then we can be friends for life.” A t-shirt can also cut through the B.S. during hectic times. Like the times we are in right now.


Welcome to “Say It To My Shirt!”


You can be the walking protest sign, living livetweet, or the human co-sign that you’ve always wanted to be.


At “Say It To My Shirt!”, we know that conversations need to happen; between friends, family, loved ones, and total strangers. Sometimes the best conversation starter is a simple message being proudly displayed over your heart. We welcome to our 100% cotton conversation starters.

And we are putting our money where our shirts are. After paying the artists, designers and manufacturers who create the shirts, we donate a portion of the proceeds to causes that are in line with our mission.


We've donated thousands of dollars to non-profit organizations like the Boys & Girls Club of Puerto RicoThe Kino Border InitiativeHollaback! and RAIIN

"Say It To My Shirt!" is owned by two Dads from the Bay Area.

W. Kamau Bell is the multiple Emmy Award-winning host of CNN's United Shades of America, as well as a nationally acclaimed stand-up comedian. He was also the host and creator of the brilliant and edgy nightly comedy/news series, Totally Biased, on the FX Network, produced by Chris Rock.


Kamau brings his brilliant comedic perspective on America's inherent racial struggles, intense social division, and current political turmoil to the messaging found on our tees. 

Aaron Gregory is an internationally published biological illustrator and designer, professional aquarium biologist, and acclaimed heavy-metal musician. He brings with him his keen eye for design and vast experience producing graphic tees for his bands and his own t-shirt endeavors. 

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